What is Events Guild

EventsGuild.com is a philanthropic service that documents and promotes the special events hosting capabilities unique to the field of stewardship. A "Guild Guide" directory profiles the value-added benefits achieved when sites have respectively and successfully integrated their roles as private event hosts with their core stewardship mission fulfillment. The resulting "collection" of "stewardship venues" are presented to the general public in an engaging and user-friendly platform: Culturevore.com.


The Culturevore name was chosen as a means to provide encouragement and distinction to an event location seeker's transition from consumer to parton.


Events Guild participation is by invitation only. Prospective members are judged eligible based on their proven commitment to stewardship mission fulfillment. Upon acceptance, all expenses for services provided to the membership are underwritten by the Institute for Venture Philanthropy at Higginbotham Museum. Thus, Event Guild members have paid no fee to receive representation and ongoing support.


Facilitated by the "Guild Guide" directory, Events Guild members are provided with their own Web page which connects key information about their event hosting assets with the specifics of their stewardship missions. This integration provides ALL venue rental seekers with the explicit message that they can easily become much-valued supporters of culture and nature-based causes. Research conducted by the Institute for Venture Philanthropy revealed that, historically, there has been a virtual disconnect in the public's cognition that renting a stewardship provider site can have a significant positive impact on its mission fulfillment.

What is Events Guild

Universally, stewards of built and natural environments are respected and celebrated because of their roles as protectors and interpreters of their unique identities. Leveraging this status to include appropriate events hosting activities and services has proven to be an effective means of gaining both financial and public relations stimulation. EventsGuild.com and Culturevore.com provide you with the exclusive opportunity and platform to accomplish your goals and objectives, insuring your mission's vitality and future well-being.

Evinced by Culturevore.com, "collective clout" alone will provide validation that the stewardship field posses the ability to be the world's best event providers. Individual venues have the exclusive ability to promote their event hosting capabilities without compromising attention directed to their unique core stewardship mission. In fact, Culturevore's mission is to stratigally direct attention to your mission.

What is Events Guild

The Events Guild Program was developed to provide both event location seekers and the keepers of the world's most valued resources with a dedicated, advocacy-based, complimentary means to unite, championing the advancement of our individual and collective cultural and environmental missions.

What is Events Guild

The Institute for Venture Philanthropy has originated and underwritten this initiative.

If your site qualifies, your GUILD GUIDE Web page profile is free. That's right – no cost whatsoever! All targeted venue categories are listed on the Registration Questionnaire.

We will also provide technical assistance to those wanting to upgrade their organization's home Web site. It is in our
vested interest that your site be the best it can be. Ultimately, Events Guild's credibility rests with the site’s quality.

If you desire, we will professionally critique your home Web site, identifying its aesthetic and technical strengths and its
weaknesses. We will offer specific suggestions on how best to optimize your site's potential, respective to your mission
and aspirations. This consultation will have a nominal fee, and again, we are committed to making this service

What is Events Guild

We are currently registering Events Guild members.

We are eager to have "a rising tide lift all boats."


A critical mass of Guild members is required for achieving user credibility. Web visitors from throughout the world who seek information about activity, event and program possibilities at your venue must see that the EventsGuild.com membership is noteworthy and viable, with strong representation of sites within the geographic regions for which
they seek details.

How do I get on board

Simply complete and submit the on-line questionnaire.

What is Events Guild



In 1999, a simple vision statement: "Provide for your own needs by providing for the needs of others," became The Institute for Venture Philanthropy.


Today, this entrepreneurial+philanthropical dynamic provides the stewardship field with solutions to the challenges caused by undercapitalization. By turning consumers into patrons, our high-impact advocacy makes patronage simple and direct. This is the mission of the Culturevore Program ---the Institute's most comprehensive philanthropic service to date.

Through our Legacy Advocacy Program, we manage and fulfill the ambitions of artists, art stewards and managers, foundations, trusts, and social enterprises who seek mutually rewarding relationships with the art and culture-based establishment. Using pooled financial investment, collaborative, mutually rewarding projects are the result of strategically managed objectives established by highly-engaged partners. Individual and institutional legacies are either measurably developed or enhanced.

Beneficiaries include City University of New York's Godwin-Ternbach Museum, the University of Southern California's Fisher Museum of Art, The College of William and Mary's Muscarelle Museum of Art, the Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg, The Arts Center of Coastal Carolina (Hilton Head) and MA (Modern Atlanta), among thirty others.  




Richard (Rick) Fisher has a 37 year career uniting beneficiaries and benefactors in support of culture. He has served on numerous boards including NURTUREart, and chaired committees that include those for the Cultural Olympiad, the United Nations Environment Programme, The Art-In Architecture Program of the U.S. General Services Administration and the Federal Reserve Bank. Mr. Fisher has held visual art and education management positions for The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, The South Carolina Arts Commission (State Art Collection), South Arts (National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship Program) and Atlanta's Woodruff Arts Center (Community Education Outreach).

He began his professional career teaching college. Mr. Fisher holds a Master of Arts degree in Painting and Post-Masters Certification in Cultural Advocacy from Pratt Institute.